Opus E-Learning Management System

No IT Infra Structure overheads
  • Technology upgradation with marginal expenses
  • Unlimited courses
  • Unlimited Subjects
  • Unlimited Topics
  • Unlimited Users
  • Online payment course wise
  • Course timeline settings
  • Integrated with Website / EMS
  • Students registration online
  • Integration with Moodle/Big Blue Button
  • Classic UI/UX

About Opus E-LMS

  • Opus E-LMS is a powerful yet simple cloud based LMS with a Moodle-BigBlueButton.
  • Opus E-LMS provides unmatched customer services and sys-admin training to its clients.
  • This managed LMS offers is integrated with the EMSONLINEPLUS.
  • The platform offers state of the art LMS features, seamless eCommerce integration and a live online classroom environment — all at a very compelling and competitive pricing.
  • There are already many LMSs in the industry and good ones that you can use. But there is a major challenge. They are either costly, complicated or with not enough support. So, EMSONLINEPLUS created Opus E-LMS that is based on world's most used and reliable open source LMS called Moodle and other open source systems such as BigBlueButton.
What is emsplus?
What is emsplus?
  • Opus E-LMS Integration on the platform EMSONLINEPLUS allows you to manage your on line classes.
  • Our core is Moodle-BigBlueButton, which are community owned and thus fastest expanding systems. Not only is our system stable, scalable, adaptable and open-standards based - The updates are timely and the deployment is cloud-based - which translates into complete flexibility, system stability and amble availability of support documentation.
  • Opus E-LMS can be integrated eCommerce system into the LMS as also an Online Classroom module.
  • All this with the thousands of usable features of Moodle. Add to that our robust tech support that helps users at every step right from the get-go. But these are technical features. Allow us to go beyond just technical.

The Most robust Flexible E learning Management System

Opus E-LMS is used by educational institutes, businesses, hospitals, and individuals to start and run employee training and certification programs, sell, and deliver eLearning courses and run live online classrooms and training sessions.

Main features of emsPLUS

Moodle, the LMS engine :

Moodle is the world's largest, most used, and most reliable learning management system used by the biggest universities, corporations, and organizations. It is full of powerful features and options and it is completely free. While the platform is powerful, it is also complicated. Opus E-LMS uses this reliable system, customizes, and simplifies and manages it for you and presents it to you in a way that you can put it to use without being a Moodle expert.

Multiple Campus Management System

Now Manage Multiple Campuses Nationally or Globally, with EMSONLINEPLUS the most Robust Flexible, customizable Solution for any Academic Institution. All in One System, create separate cost centers dash boards Manage all other centers and branches from one system without using multiple system. Easy generate reports. Access to each center and get reports on daily admission, income, expenses, HR, and many mores. All in one multiple center management solution.


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