Why emsPLUS?

Managing the education system right from the student enrollment to conducting exam and publishing results involves various processes. Apart from this staff management, appraising Staff, document management, etc,.

The competition in education rose exponentially. Parent's expectation and student's commitment grew drastically high. Every institution started feeling the pinch of maintaining system individually as consolidating data available in different system and some time in different formats become practically impossible to view the overall reports.

Our emsPlus is a single solution to handle all these activities in a single dashboard and enhance the management team to view the overall function of the institute. Moreover it helps to analysis and identifies the area to improve the standard.


Now emsplus is available on the cloud where the users feel the strength of web based application. Work from anywhere, evaluate from anywhere, management from anywhere and monitory from anywhere.

How emsPlus can help you?

emsPlus is an efficient, integrated School Management System aimed to bring about revolutionary change in concept of connecting all three on the common platform. We serve the schools to have sound administrative back up which has already existed unwired.

emsPlus helps for your smooth running of school, designed and developed, keeping in mind the various parameters which are required to be monitored and applicable for a reputed school who are either the leaders in the field or trying to cut a niche for themselves.

How emsPlus can help you?
Following Way
This information can be categorized in the following way
  • Structured coded data
  • Image data
  • Graphic data
  • Audio data
  • Video data
Key Benefits

Key Benefits

  • Savings-Substantial savings in manpower, time and costs through improved productivity
  • Simplification-Improved and simplified work / process flow through automation
  • Quality-Reduced errors and duplication of work
  • Centralization-Consolidation of information into a single point
  • Optimization-Empowers better use of existing resources (people, time and money) at the Organization
  • MIS-Comprehensive reporting on various customizable parameters
emsPLUS gives you everything as a single solution.

Web Application

Developed in .net 4.0 and 3 tier architecture is capable of being used in any browser like IE, Chrome and Firefox etc., since the user is not installed with any software, highest level of portability with equal levels of security is achieved by providing unique Username and Password to each users.

User Friendly Screens

With more selection fields users with little knowledge about the domain will be able to operate the application. Drop down listing and Grid View enables the user to pick and choose data than having the ordeal of typing the data every time. Tool tips are provided at all required places to help the user get the required instruction without any external assistance. Standard notations are used throughout the application to guide the user to make relevant and correct entries only.

Easy Navigation methods

Menus and sub menus are organized pictorially to make the user feel comfortable with very basic knowledge about the system. Switching over from one screen to another is envisages with ease by the user with relevant buttons and labels. So maneuvering through the whole application is made comfortable even to a first time user.

Distributed database architecture for multiple institutions

To avoid internet net and network traffic, distributed architecture can be implemented for institutions of large size and huge student strength. This is very useful for Group of Institutions and Universities with its institutions distributed across geographic locations. Interoperability of master entries and security of native data of each institution will be maintained with sanctity.

Multi User with secure username and password

User management is done through convenient user friendly screens to map users and the relevant forms. Multiple roles can be created and user is offered privileges to VIEW, ADD, and UPDATE AND DELETE data based on their need to operate. Log files are maintained to track the multiple users for each activity. Unique username and password is generated and managed by the user ensures data security and data accountability.

Integrated HRMS module

This gives the admin department of the institution a great sigh of relief. Since the attendance of the staff is automatically captured at various places in the application, preparation of payroll based on some preset settings through leave management and customizable allowance and deduction management. HRMS integrated offers an end to end solution to the institution which can store data in compliance with the standard government norms.

Integrated Accounts Management System

All financial implications of the application is directly stored into the database. It includes fee collection and follow ups, fine collection, staff salary, loan and reimbursement, sundry creditor and sundry debtors etc. Balance sheet will be prepared at the click of a button for any period to give the management the power of financial decision making. Apart from standard reports, extensive reports especially pertaining to fee collection is dealt in the report section.

Pre - HRMS with web Publishing - HR portal

This is an extension of the HRMS module. The HR activities dealt by the HR department prior to appointment will be dealt in this module. This will include request of manpower from various department, advertisement for request for man power, interview, screening, offer and appointment. All these are processed in sequence and automated at each stage. Over a period of time the organisation will be able to create a huge database of manpower which can be used for later use.

SMS & email scheduling

Unique feature of the application is the user will be able to schedule SMS and mail to ensure timely information in the forms it is required. The reports can be scheduled so that the management will be able to get the reports n the configured frequency. Alerts and reminders will be sent in the form of mail and sms without manual intervention. Top level management need not login to the system to see the scheduled reports instead will be available in the inbox avoiding the ordeal of opening the application and browsing on the reports.

Graphs and Bar Chart for analysis and reporting

Seeing is believing and getting information in a pictorial form in the form of Graphs, Bar charts and pie chart, interpretation of information is much easier and understandable. Comparison of performance of the students for the staff and the performance of the staff for the HOD and the management is represented through various time of charts make the user comfortable.

Customizable CRM

The existing website of the institution may be easily customized toward a CRM where dynamic information will be available to the visitor. Real time information will be available to any one visiting the site which should be helpful to the organisation to display the current information. This will be very useful for the institution during the time of admission. The visitor will be able to understand the facility and feature of the college in real terms.

Page indexed search screens

Easy maneuvering across application with advanced search engine will help the user to be more authentic about the search of the required data. Page indexed search will enhance the look and feel of the application. Data is well organized to give all the information the user is searching for. Huge amount of data can be easily managed through the indexed searching at very high speed of retrieval.

Online examination

Presently we do cater the students of 12th standard of Tamil Nadu – State board. We feel proud to offer this facility to all the students very nominal fees or sometimes free of charge to encourage the student community to get the feel of online examination. Various steps are being taken to maintain the sanctity of online examination with facility to shuffle the question and shuffle the options as well. This will give the real feel of an online examination and students will have a rigorous test which will surely assist them perform the best during the public examination. The same can be offered to each institution exclusively designed for them. This is developed from the open source of moodle.

eLearning integration

Taking quality education to the nook and corners of India is the next challenge. We provide the best opportunity for schools and college who are so far deprived of. With minimum internet speed providing content to farther and remote areas is made possible through proven technology. Now everyone will be accessible to experts professionals from where they are.

eBook publishing

This will enable the students and the staff to access the library and other reading materials in the digital format. If someone could establish internet connectivity they will be able to browse the content online. This is a great boon to the students where the library will be available at any point of the day and all throughout the year. This encourages the learning habit of the students as well.

Paperless Document Management System

The entire academic administration of the management will be covered by the document management system. Conversion of data from the hard copy to electronic data can be easily handled by the system. Delegation of tasks among the peers and to the subordinates can be streamlined and systemized. Online data management and data migration from the conventional data format to clients' native data format will be easily possible.

Pre Admission Marketing analysis

This is very useful for the institution during brand building. During the initial stages of establishment every institution would conduct various marketing activities which can be stored in the database. Follow ups of the data can be made available to the CRM in place. Analysis of admission based on the type of event conducted and the period of event conducted can be made. This will help the institution to make economical decisions to get maximum benefit of the events. Certain events can be totally avoided which would not result in the required outcome. Similarly the institution can concentrate on such events yielding better results.

Online payment through smart card for all cash transaction

Internally smart cards can be issued to students where it can be used by students as pre paid cards. All payment inside the campus can be entertained. Student can pay fees, fines, pay hostel fees, mess fees, restaurant charges and other pertaining to the institution. The parents can preload the smart card with requisite cash which can be used by the students at various places and for various needs.

Finger Biometric Integration

Due to its edge over smart cards relative to the proxy, finger biometric can be conveniently and confidently used for attendance management system. Since the data input from the biometric is directly linked to the application, the same data can be used to attendance for both students and staff, for payroll management for teaching and non teaching staff. This can also be used for the visitor management system which addresses the security of the students as well. Especially for schools and ladies school and college, where sending the wards apart from the normal timings, security is a main concern. This is resolved using the finger biometric system in the visitor management system. Only pre authenticated parents or guardians will be permitted to take their wards apart from normal timings.

Bar Code integration

Students ID card can be affixed with Bar Code which serves the purpose of unique identity. Library management can be easily and effectively dealt through bar coding of books. Issue of books to students or staff can be easily captured through bar code in the books as well as in the id card of the student of staff. Similarly the receipt of books from the student and staff can be dealt with much ease. This solutions is the most cost effective and highly efficient for libraries of any size.

Dashboard for each stake holder

We provide dash board for each stake holder of the application separately viz, Top level management, HOD, Staff, Students and parents. Most expected information of each stake holder will be provided in the same place which avoids the time and complexity of navigating to different forms to get the same information. This gives a bird's eye view of the information residing inside the application. Bar charts, pie charts etc., will help the user make the right inference at the quickest possible time.

Customizable modules through flexible masters

The crux of the ERP system provided to the end user is to ensure easy customization by themselves without depending upon the developers. Every field in the application can be customized through master screens. Any addition in the future is facilitated through master setting and directly updating the master forms. There will be no hard coding of data throughout the application.

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