Professional compulsion of parents and voluminous database of students increases the communication gap between the parent and the school/college management. Anxiety of parents on their children on their day to day activity, health and academic performance is an unresolved mental turmoil. Compromise has become the destiny for parents who are both office goers.

Our emsPlus has successfully and efficiently bridged the gap between the parent and the management by bringing in a conducive atmosphere for the student community who has all these days missed out the real care by their parents. Paucity of information about their children was a major handicap and some time more critical due to delayed information accessibility. All these are very well taken care of by the SMS/Mail integrated software for Schools/colleges.

Parents are well informed instantaneously about behavior, performance and attendance of their children. Instant alerts are being sent to the parent on the daily attendance, performance in the class test, exams and competition. Critical alerts like early exit, no school, special classes and cancellation of sessions and classes are all intimated to the respective parents without any time delay.

Similarly alerts and schedulers are sent to the management on the performance and proposed activities of the management. Smart Secretary application acts as a plug and play for Smart Emsplus system which includes timely alerts and reminder for the management and parents alike.

Benefits for Parents

In today's busy scene where often both the parents are either working or living far away from the institution, personal visits to the institution is really not an easy task. The reporting system in EMS enables them to have a closer look to their wards performance and will provide a fact based approach to their wards life. And all this from their home or offices.

  • Know latest about the ward in terms of academics, attendance, fees and even the web site activities online and personalized.
  • Get connected to the school effectively and easily.
  • Get updated with latest in school with the help of E-news, Image Gallery, newsletters and other facilities.