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Who we are?

OPUS Infiniti is the best IT service provider in the industry. We have more than two decades of experience rendering unparalleled IT services for diversified industries and clients across the globe.

Our state-of-art infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies are setting a new benchmark in IT standard. Our solutions are unique, innovative, customer friendly solutions and cost effective with earns a good ROI for our clients has made us distinctly ahead of our competitors.

We are specialized in ERP Solution. emsPlus is an excellent ERP solution for education institutions, for managing the academic activities in a single solution.

How emsPlus emerged?

Our motto is to strengthen the educational field and improve the standard of every institution. In order to pursue that our exclusive team started analyzing the market needs. Industry stalwarts and prominent educationist were roped in to give the insight of requirements of many education institutions across the globe. There were few unique features about each institution and more of commonalities among many more institutions across the globe. This became a big challenge in implementation, so the concept of localization came into being. Special efforts were put in to design separate architecture for each country to accommodate the location conditions and requirements.

Emsplus was one such solution where almost all the activities of any standard institution is available in a single repository with a central database. This gave the institution a sign of relief as the management felt the ease of culling out the right information at the right time with much little click and very little time. The efficiency of the management started growing proportionately well. With continuous and consistent industry existence the team started improvising every activity with world class approach which gave an impetus to the organization to perform conveniently.

Emsplus is now a Global Brand encompassing the needs of almost every school or college of each country across the globe. Over 50+ schools are using emsPlus for better management.


We give the following which none can give on a single solution. Core competencies of different players are the basic competencies at emsPLUS.

  • Integrated Accounts and HRMS module
  • Pre - HRMS with web Publishing - HR portal
  • SMS & email scheduling with user settings
  • Graphs and Bar Chart for analysis and reporting
  • Single solutions for different colleges and college type
  • Online examination
  • eLearning integration
  • Paperless Document Management System
  • Smart card integration for students which can be used across the school for all purposes
  • Finger print reader especially for staff attendance and students attendance
  • Mobile based attendance capturing system by each teacher inside the class
  • Pre Admission Marketing analysis
  • Online payment through smart card for all cash transaction
  • Direct link to any bank and hence parents can recharge the smart card from their own bank account

emsPLUS is an integrated campus management software specially designed for Malaysia International Schools. emsPLUS empowers Educational Institutions with an Integrated and Intelligent Solution that can Contribute in efficient delivery of education and create an ENRICHED & VIRANT Experience for Students, Staff and Parents.

emsPLUS is a great boon to all education institution With the comprehensive module listing. emsPLUS is one of the best software for educational Institution offering end to end academic and operation management to the management.

Especially when the management needs a cloud based solution emsPLUS offers Online Institution Management Software which is very user friendly and easy to navigate for the users.

Understanding domain
Efficiency of Software
Time to react and resolve issues
Online training and assistance
Value for money

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