• The Many Challenges faced by Educational Institutions in terms of resources, Financial as well as Human, automating the whole education Institution, assists the stake Holders, Parents, students, teachers and the Management.
  • Compared to the traditional packaged Software systems which are rigid and have no flexibility in terms of customization.
  • EMSPLUS is a web-based ERP system for universities, which not only allows easier management of administrative resources, but facilitates better collaboration between Management staff, Teachers parents and students too to streamline academic progression.
  • And Now is right time for accelerated adoption of SaaS Application in education institutions of any sizes.
  • Both server compute and storage capacity can be accessed in near real-time, when needed, without wasting resources.

There are many benefits of using an ERP. Some of them are:

  • Increase integration/communication among departments.
  • Increase profitability while maintaining product quality.
  • Increase value-added relationships.
  • Increase customer service/handle customer expectation.
  • Decrease total costs: order processing, material handling, distribution, direct labour, overhead, etc...

It is highly customizable, user friendly and scalable ERP that provides your institution with all the ways to automate entire operations and enable the smooth flow of information. It is very scalable and it can be customized to specific requirements of an Institution. It enables streamline flow of information and thus makes decision making easy.

Mobile apps has multiple use in the application

  • Management can use the mobile to see the management dashboard
    • a. Staff Strength
    • b. Students Strength
    • c. Staff performance and attendance
    • d. Student performance and attendance etc
  • Staff can use the mobile to see the staff dashboard
    • a. Staff time table
    • b. Student mark list
    • c. Staff payroll
  • Staff can use the mobile to mark attendance online
  • Staff can send assignments and home work to all the students
  • Student can use the mobile to see student dash board
    • a. Student time table
    • b. Mark list
    • c. Exam schedule
    • d. Extra classes
  • Students can use the mobile to view assignments and home work
  • Online exam for students are available on mobile

Yes, ofcourse. You can integrated your institution with moodle online exam. Your students can use the feature online. You will be provided with admin login credentials where you will be able to upload questions, schedule exam, conduct exam and publish results online.

Yes, we do have. We have integrated LMS- Learning Management System which is most user-friendly and highly advanced. Through admin login credentials you will be able to configure LMS the way you want and all your students can avail this opportunity online whenever they need and from wherever they are.

Our ERP is developed using the latest state-of-the-art technologies, which caters to provide up gradations or further versions through easily installable patches. By virtue of being an web application any upgradation or modification is done in the central server which is reflected across users./p>

We can Integrate with your Existing software, Provided you have the API.


emsPlus being on an open architecture, it's highly customizable with self customization options and any customizations in the structure can be done at an extremely low turnaround time, to meet your different requirements.

Technologically we are ahead of our competitors and we are providing greater flexibility in terms of modules selection and usage. Being highly scalable, we can integrate new modules and with any existing legacy systems in the institution. It is very cost effective and eases the functioning of the Institute as an organization. It is built on the state of the art Web 2.0 platform.

We have a round the clock Support Centre available on Email, Phone or Chat can assist you using our Remote Support System, where our Support Executive will be able to access your server or your desktop remotely and offer your real-time support. Post-implementation, you will also be provided with a detailed user-guide.

It depends upon your perception that you consider your campus to be perfect without any enterprise systems. Institute in itself is no less than an Organization that yields profits through its various resources like teachers, Students and other staffs. To integrate all the operations so that the manual tedious work is replaced by the fast technology work is the aim of emsPlus. Managing 4M (Man (faculty and non teaching staff), Money (finance management), Machine (Academic Administration), Material (infra structure and other facilites) efficiently and optimally is the key to success of a profit making organisation. Unidentified inefficiency can be brought to light thus bringing down the indirect losses to the organisation as a whole.

There is an SMS Notification Sub module, whereby the parents, students and teachers can be notified about the examinations, results, and important notices. Also, we have the facility of students marks obtained and attendance being known to the parents. Apart from scheduled information specific information of their wards can be obtained through Transactional SMS facility.

emsPlus is a web based application so once it is installed in the server of an institute all other colleges linked to it can also use that ERP. Thus our ERP helps in integrating different branches of an institute.

The technology that we use is as follows:

  • Development : ASP.net
  • Design : HTML, AJAX, JavaScript
  • Database : Microsoft SQL Server
  • There is a flexibility whereby one can procure the license for few packages of emsPlus which would be comprised of selected modules. Further on modules can be added based on your requirement.

    • Client server applications follow up Two tier architecture, but web server applications follows Three tier or 'n'tier architecture.
    • In client server application we will not use Web servers, but in web server applications same will be used.
    • Client server applications Majorly used in Intranet areas, but web server applications used in Internet areas
    • Security issues are very less in client server as there are Minimum users, but in Web server Security issues are Maximum as end users are more
    • Performance issues will not be taken in to consideration in client server, but consideration will be done web server applications.

    If the data is available in soft copy like excel or MS Access migration of data can be done at additional cost. However such data transfer will be restricted to master entries only.

    Yes. ERP is already integrated with Human Resource management system with an integral part of payroll built into it. Additionally this attendance management is integrated with Smart Card, RFID, Bar Code and Biometric like Finger Biometric and Palm Biometric. Any other hardware integration can be done free of cost as and when required.

    Yes. You are at liberty to chose only modules for your immediately requirement. Basically all the modules will work with Students and Staff. Hence Students module and Staff module will be the mandatory module for selecting any other module of your choice. Later on you can add one module after another without disturbing any of the data already captured. Since every other module is a plug in, it work with or without other modules.

    Yes. When ever you want to use the application you should be connected through an internet connection for the SaaS model.

    Yes. In case you wanted to use this within your organisation the same application will be installed in a local server which is connected to various systems through LAN. In that case you need not have internet connectivity. But LAN connectivity is necessary.

    These are the minimum hardware requirement

  • Xeon server or equivalent
  • HDD 500 GB
  • 8 GB RAM
  • No, We don't supply Hardware and OS software support. Once you are ready with the hardware and the required Software viz., Windows Server 2003/2008 and MS Sql Server Express 2005/2008 installed in your server, we will install our ERP and will be responsible for the ERP application software as per the agreed terms of Service.

    There is an in-built scheduled back up of the data in our server. In case of any contingency we will restore the available backup. Apart from this if you are specific having the back at your end, the same will be provided on additional charges as will be agreed upon in the commercials.

    All additional reports are chargeable based on the commercials and agreed terms of service.

    This purely depends upon on which format the old data is available. If it is in hard copy, data import might not be possible and hence we help you to input of data manually through the application which is chargeable. In case it is available in excel or any other data format, only master entries can be imported and again transaction entries will have to be manually input. Data import is specific to each organisation and hence will be charged accordingly.

    Yes, if you have the login credentials namely USERNAME and PASSWORD and internet connectivity you will have complete access which is assigned to you.

    In the admin panel the administrator has the privilege to configure the level of accessibility of each user into the application. Out the four basic function viz., ADD, UPDATE, DELETE and VIEW, each user will be assigned functionality relevant to each user. If a particular user should be prohibited from ADDing data it can be configured, if another user should be allowed to ADD but prohibited from Updating data it can be configured etc. Hence the administrator can create roles and assign rights for each functionality which will be automatically taking effect for the user. Further, database queries are designed in such a way to show data only based on the staff hierarchy. The administrator will assign a particular hierarchy, where the particular user will be allowed to manipulate data for the user under his role and the same person will be block from manipulating data above his role. For eg. Student will be able to access his mark list where as the class teacher will be able to see the mark list of all the students in his class. But he will not be able to see the mark list of students of other class which is not handling. Similarly the HOD will be able to see the mark list of all the students of his department but not other departments. The principal will be able to see the mark list of all the students of all departments.

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