Teachers Module

Benefits for Teachers

Realizing that a student teacher relationship is the most important relationship in education, EMS tries to give them a new media of interaction. This new media leaves behind the limitation of time management and set curriculums. Irrespective of the course curriculum teachers have SMART Emsplus to share their best with the students using articles, online exams and forums.

  • Complete Attendance Automation
  • Complete Marks and Grade Management System
  • Interact with parents efficiently and effectively
  • Mange Class Information and analytical reports
  • Lesson Planner

Dash board information for HOD
  • Attendance index of department, course
  • Total number of absentees everyday and weekly/monthly absentees
  • Feature extendable as yearly and course wise too
  • % of attendance course and branch
  • No of student below stipulated % of attendance
  • Hostel attendance , hostel wise, course wise, branch wise
Dash board information for Faculty
  • Attendance index of department, course for particular faculty
  • No of faculty members absent on that day/week/month and based on year and course wise for every faculty
  • Total percent of attendance in a course/branch for particular faculty
  • Faculties below stipulated % of attendance
  • Hostel attendance for faculties and course/branch wise feature

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